Do I have to provide additional security?

Generally the asset being purchased, leased or rented is used as security for the loan, however in some circumstances you may be able to use your existing fixed assets as security to help raise the funds you need.

What information do I need to supply and when will i find out if my application has been approved?

By completing a simple application form and supplying us with your financial statements, our finance partners will generally be able to provide an answer within 48 hours for loans up to $150,000.

What are the advantages of leasing an asset rather than buying it outright?

Under a lease, the cost of the monthly repayment is an “operational expense” for a business and therefore may be fully tax deductible. Also as you do not own the asset, it is not normally recorded on your balance sheet and this can assist with the various measurement ratios (e.g. return on assets and gearing). Customers should always seek independent advice regarding tax and accounting treatment for lease agreements.